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Įeiti nebalsuojant - With swords flashing and armour glistening, Stronghold Kingdoms™ galloped into the MMOG world in 2010. Stronghold Kingdoms™ is the first persistent MMORTS of its kind in the world, and brings the Stronghold series into the 21st century with a bang! A unique hybrid of web- and PC or Mac based gaming, Stronghold Kingdoms™ brings online interactivity and community together, with a richly-depicted medieval world of thriving Villages and dramatic battles. The mix of real-time gameplay and long-term planning brings a truly novel twist to the strategy genre. This free-to-play online game sees players from all over the world pit themselves against each other's factions for supreme control; however, military might is not everything! Lords and ladies may also peacefully co-exist, pushing forward economic boundaries, building up their lands, and holding lavish banquets!

Stronghold Kingdoms